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CK100 Auto Key Programmer Silica V99.99

CK100 Auto Key Programmer Silica V99.99 With 1024 Tokens

Auto Key Programmer Tool CK-100 Key Programmer CK100 Silica V99.99
CK-100 CK100 V99.99 Auto Key Programmer With 1024 Tokens

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CK-100/CK100 Auto Key Programmer V99.99  ,SBB The Latest Generation.
CK-100/CK100 Auto Key Pro Tool is a new generation of the SBB Key Programmer, the replace version.Alternative to function and feature of the SBB V33.02.Increase much more features and functions.
More powerfull and functional.Excellent Quality.


When using if it fails to adapte key, then disconnected OBD16 adapter and car connection, after 10 seconds connect again, otherwise vehicle immo system may damaged, CK-100 locked.
Attention Please:
If it fails to adapt to the key when using, Please disconnect OBD16 adapter and the car, then connect them again after 10 seconds, the purpose of which is to initialize the connect between the vehicle and the CK-100, otherwise the vehicle immo system may be damaged, CK-100 locked.

Packing List:
1pc x Main Unit
1pc x USB Cable
1pc x Power Supply
1pc x Packing Carton

Rp. 2.750.000

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