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Original Dual Channel Handheld Oscilloscope JDS2022A

Original Dual Channel Handheld Oscilloscope JDS2022A

Rp 4.500.000,


1. Real-time sampling rate of up 200MSa / S, or Quick Response Capture albeit very complicated or complex signal
2. New design ultra-thin, small size, light weight, more convenient to carry, especially suitable for automotive repair shops
3. Color LCD display TFTLCD, 320 * 240 resolution, memngkinkan the waveform display is clearer and stable
4. Single-channel, equipped with a digital multimeter functions that strong sangaat
5. Can save on USB stick
6. Support for USB storage devices and can menyimpat two waveforms at once
7. Supported 6 groups on the internal memory oscilloscopes
8. Type automatically detects a trigger or support (50Hz-40MHz)
9. Support display the time and voltage cursors
10. It could be added wave wave waveform form MACT
11. Display language menu Inglish
12. Template display: the display color, black and white display
13. Supports automatic power off function and a power saving mode: time can be set
14. Backlight brightness can be adjusted
15. Waveforms can be saved screenshot
16. Time siagasiaga: single battery can work continuously for about 5 hours
17. ARM processor + FPGA programmable logic + Chip AD9288 dual high-performance,
18. The performance is very high

Applications suitable for:
1. Vehicle Maintenance
2. Phone Repair
3. Electronic Repair
4. Appliance Repair
5. Research
6. Education
7. Etc

1. Real-time sampling rate of up to 200MSa / S, can meet to capture fast, the market demand for complex signals
2. New ultra-thin design, small size, light weight, more convenient to carry
3. Color TFTLCD display, 320 * 240 resolution, waveform display is more clear and stable
4. Single-channel analog powerful digital multimeter function
5. Support for USB storage device that can store two reference waveforms, six group shots to the oscilloscope internal memory
6. With edge trigger function that automatically detects support (50Hz-40MHz)
7. Support time and voltage cursors
8. Add multiple waveform math functions
9. English menu display
10. A variety of display styles: color display, black and white display
11. Supports automatic power off function and power-saving modes: time can be set
12. backlight brightness can be adjusted
13. Waveforms can be saved screenshot
14. Long Standby: single battery can work continuously for about 5 hours
15. ARM processor + FPGA programmable logic + high-performance dual AD9288 chip,
16. high performance

User Manual Download Address:
Google Drive:

Input coupling                   :AC & DC
Input impedance :1MΩ 25pF
The maximum input voltage :40V (probe X1); 400V (probe X10) can be measured 220V voltage; (probeX100) 2000V

voltage can be measured
Probe attenuation                            :1X、10X
Set the probe attenuation factor       :1X, 10X, 100X

Signal acquisition system
Sampling Method :Real-time sampling, random sampling
Memory depth :4K (per channel for each 2K)
Acquisition Mode :Sample, Peak Detect

Vertical System
Vertical Sensitivity :10mV-5V (Probe 1X) 100mV-50V (probe 10X) (1,2.5,5 step)
Vertical accuracy :+/-3%
Vertical resolution :8bit
Bandwidth :20MHz

Horizontal Systems
Real-time sampling rate :200 MSa/s
Horizontal scan range :10nS/div-5S/div

Trigger System
Mode :Auto, Normal and Single
Type :Rising edge trigger, falling edge trigger
Automatic detection :Support (50Hz-40MHz)
Math                            : CH1 + CH2, CH1-CH2, CH2-CH1

Measurement System
Cursor measurements :Support time and voltage cursors
Measurements           :Manual
Measure                    :Peak and frequency

Screen :3.2-inch, 16-bit true color, TFT, 320 * 240
Battery :3000 + mA lithium battery (single cell about four hours of continuous work)
Size :202 * 100 * 35 (mm)

Interested Contact  
      Name       : Agus yulianto  
     Address    : Perum Puri Indah Astapada 2 Blok K / 6 RT / RW 03/08
 Plosogeneng Jombang, East Java 61 416
      Tel            : 081332787811  

Web  :


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