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Anti Backlash Nut Block 8mm Acme For Openbuilds 8mm Acme Pitch 2mm Lead 4

Anti Backlash Nut Block  8mm Acme For Openbuilds 8mm Acme Pitch 2mm Lead 4

This high quality 8mm Acme Anti-Backlash Nut Block is a great choice for many projects requiring lead screw linear motion.
The pitch and diameter are a perfect combination of high torque and speed. This screw fits the bill for most machine designs and has quickly become a standard on OpenBuilds builders.
It serves more than one purpose in that it can be mounted to the bottom of a 3mm/1/8" plate utilizing M5 nylon insert nuts and 15mm M5 screws or can also be mounted directly to V-Slot utilizing two channels with 15mm M5 low profile screws and two tee nuts.  These mounting choices allow for a host of modular machine applications.  You can mount this block along any length of V-Slot to create your linear motion.

To use the the Anti-Backlash Nut Block - Turn the set screw just enough to take out any play in the Nut Block. Then screw the lock nut on the top of the set screw to lock the set screw in place.

Product Specifications:
TR8x4x2: 2mm pitch, 4mm of linear movement per rotation. 8mm wide
Screws thread : M8
Moving distance : 4
Material   : Engineering Plastics(POM)
Color : Black
Lead : 4
Pitch : 2mm
Diameter  : 8mm

Package Incluide :
Openbuilds 8mm Acme Anti Backlash nut block

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