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Dimmer AC 2000W 2000 Watt Voltage Regulator Speed Controller

Dimmer AC 2000W 2000 Watt Voltage Regulator Speed Controller

2000W SCR Electronic Voltage Regulator Speed Controller Dimmer Thermostat
1. Special design with 1.6 thick FR - 4 high temperature resistant circuit board.
2. It is safety and reliable to cope with large current.
3. Double capacity design: Safety capacitor and Metal film capacitor to protect SCR more effective. More efficiency and more safety.
4. 1.5 thick aluminum and stainless steel case, more suitable for family temperature control or speed control and industrial enterprises to use.
5. Beautiful and easy, safe, convenient, high quality products. It will not rust after long time using.
6. Mainly fit for the resistive loads, eg. lights.

Voltage range  10V-220V
maximum power 2000W
STMicroelectronics imported SCR, voltage up to 1200 volts
All high-voltage capacitors
All metal film resistors
ST imported trigger diode
Precision multi-turn potentiometer
Taiwan's main potentiometer goods manufacturers,
1.6mm thick epoxy CCL
Net Weight 41.8g

Package included :
1Pcs Dimmer AC 2000W 2000 Watt

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