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Copy Clone Cloning Auto Duplicator Universal Remote 315 Mhz

Copy Clone Cloning Auto Duplicator Universal Remote 315 Mhz

315 MHZ Copy Universal Remote Controller Metal Clone Remotes Auto Copy Duplicator For Gadgets Car Home Garage
Button battery power, easy to install.
High quality material and humanized precise design.
Design and color are very beautiful, which is very cool holding in hand.
Durable and anti-rust, it can be used for a long time.
This is a replacement part to match the original in form and function.
Lastest modern design & technology equals a simply smarter & unique remote
Button slide cover to protect buttons  avoid accidental unplanned operation
You can still keep & use your original factory remotes
Codes into your garage door in less than 30 seconds
Handy key chain size attaches to your car keys no more unwanted bulkiness
4 buttons to operate 4 different garage doors or gates

Color : Black and Silver
Quantity : 1 pc
Size : 6 x 3 x 2 cm (LxWxH)
Frequency : 315MHZ
Distance : Up to 100 meters
Powered : by 27A 12V battery
Weight : 23g
Package : 33g
Size : 55mm x 28mm x 14mm

How to program:
Step-1 Clear the history code from duplicator
1. Press button A and B after until LED flash 3 times
2. Release button B (Keep pressing button A), and press button B Slowly for 3 times, LED flash
3. Release button A, finish code clearance.
If code clearance done properly, short press any button. Light won't flash at all.
If light flash when short press any button clearance process done wrong. Please repeat clearance process again.

Step-2 Copy code from original transmitter
Place the cloner remote and the original remote close together side by side. Make sure they are touching.
1. Simultaneously press a button on your original remote and one of the buttons on the clone remote and hold until the LED on the clone remote flashes steadily. The LED will first flash 3 times quick, then stops for a second, then flashes steadily.
2. Release both buttons. Programming is successful. Copy other buttons in same way.
Repeat all programing process again and use different remotes position face to face, side to side, back to back, like T Position. In most cases back to back cloning position is the best.

Package included:
1 × 315MHZ  Copy Code Remote Control Cloning Key Universal

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