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Original Infineon IC Chip TLE6244X TLE 6244 MQFP64 Bosch 30536, Bosch 30620, 48017.

Original Infineon IC  Chip  TLE6244X TLE 6244 MQFP64 Bosch 30536, Bosch 30620, 48017.  

Short Circuit Protection
Overtemperature Protection
Overvoltage Protection
16 bit Serial Data Input and Diagnostic Output (2 bit/chan. acc. SPI Protocol)
Direct Parallel Control of 16 channels for PWM Applications
 Low Quiescent Current
Compatible with 3.3V Microcontrollers
Electrostatic discharge (ESD) Protection

General description
18-fold Low-Side Switch (0.35 ? to 1 ?) in Smart Power Technology (SPT) with a Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) and 18 open drain DMOS output stages. The TLE6244X is protected
by embedded protection functions and designed for automotive and industrial applications.
The output stages are controlled via SPI Interface. Additionally 16 of the 18 channels can be
controlled direct in parallel for PWM applications. Therefore the TLE6244X is particularly
suitable for engine management and powertrain systems.

TLE6244X, TLE 6244 X, 30536, 30620, 48017
Models : TLE6244X
Manufacturer : Infineon
Package/Case : PQFP-64
Reference To Part : TLE6244X, TLE 6244 X, 30536, 30620, 48017.
Encapsulation : PQFP
Substitute : Infineon TLE6244X, Bosch 30536, Bosch 30620, 48017.
Category            : Auto ECU IC
Can Be Found : ECU EDC7, Bosch ME7.4.9, Bosch MG7.9.8, EDC16 Iveco, EDC16 S10 Nova, Multec HSFI 2.3, for Mercedez-Benz 272, etc.

Package Include :
1 X 30427 SOP24 Car Chip IC

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