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Diesel Common Rail Injector Tester Piezo and Electromagnetic CIT818 Multifunction

Diesel Common Rail Injector Tester Piezo and Electromagnetic CIT818 Multifunction

Large LCD CIT818 Multifunction Diesel Common Rail Injector Tester Diesel Piezo Injector Tester Electromagnetic Injector Driver

Product Description
CIT818 multifunction of common rail injector tester can accurately and effectively, to imitate ECU drive signal for each work condition of injector, such as pre injection, emission point, full load point conditions. Can drive a variety of brands,  For Bossch injector,for Densoo,for Delphii and Piezo common rail injector.
CIT818  multifunction of common rail injector tester using the simple operation, can meet the detection of common rail injector combination and ordinary nozzle tester. To effectively reduce the investment threshold of repair equipment. The detector has the advantages of small size and convenient carrying can provide customers the way detection and repair of common rail injector, can greatly improve the work efficiency.
Common rail injector tester is a easy operated tool, could do the test with the injector hand pumps. It’s small size and light weight, could meet the requires from repairman on the simple device of testing.

Technical Parameters:
Produce Model :  CIT818
Testing Range         :  Atomization, Pilot, Emission And Full Load Condition.
Test Injectors   :  For Boscch, For Densso, For Delphii Common Rail Injector,And  Piezo Injector
Working Voltage :  AC220V/AC110
Working Temperature :  -30C°——70C°
Size                  :  110*260*200mm
Adjustable Width     :  5 MS
Adjustable  Frequency :  1-30HZ( solenoid Injector )  1-20(Piezo Injector )

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