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Original L9997ND L9997D

Original L9997ND L9997D Car Air conditioning panel chip For Nissan SOP-20

Original L9997ND L9997D DUAL Half Bridge Driver Car Air conditioning panel chip For Nissan SOP-20 New
Description :
The L9997nd Is A Monolithic Integrated Driver, In Bcd Technology Intended To Drive Various Loads
Half Bridge Outputs With Typical Ron          :  0.7
Output Current Capability       : ±1.2a
Operating Supply Voltage Range    :  7v To 16.5v
Supply Overvoltage Protection Function For Vvs Up : 40v
Very Low Quiescent Current In Standby Mode : < 1µa
Cmos Compatible Inputs With Hysteresis
 Output Short-Circuit Protection
Thermal Shutdown
 Real Time Diagnostic: Thermal Overload, Overvoltage

VVSDC DC Supply Voltage   :  -0.3 to 26 V
VVSP Supply Voltage Pulse    : (T < 400ms) 40 V
IOUT DC Output Current : ±1.8 A
VIN1,2 DC Input Voltage : -0.3 to 7 V
VEN Enable Input Voltage :  -0.3 to 7 V
VDIAG DC Output Voltage :  -0.3 to 7 V
IOUT DC Output Short-circuit Current : -0.3V < VOUT < VS + 0.3V internally limited
IDIAG DC Sink Current  :  -0.3V < VDG < 7V internally limited

Package Include :
1 X L9997ND L9997D

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