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SST Car Panel Removal Installer Pry Repair Tool Radio Panel Door Clip

SST Car Panel Removal Installer Pry Repair Tool Radio Panel Door Clip

Item  : fit for All Car models
Condition  : 100% Brand new
Quantity    : 4 PCS
Weight       : Approx 0.10kg for 4pcs
Color : Orange
Material    : Plastic Nylon
Include      : removal installation tool x 4
Color : As shown in picture

Useful pry tool for safely removing and installing car audio, exterior and interior trim, dash, door panel avoid scratching your car
The tool could efficiently reduce the concave and protruding scars left by using the screw knife to remove
It could reduce the abrasion possibility of inner car decorating
The tools are designed to fit any car model
With unique anti scratch and energy saving design.
Car stereo remove good helper contains most of the car audio market remove tool Multi-function combination tool, designed for the cars on the market today.
Remove the inner plate of the car, instrument desk, sound control area, so this is your good helper.
The fine workmanship, excellent material, combination tools and give a good gift to a friend.
Containing metal become warped board compared to previous sales tool construction stress pretty hard and easy to become warped bad door buckle card since the use of iron or stainless steel material tool surface hard especially will damage the paint after the part is used in different parts of the leaves become warped.
This is modified to upgrade tool, as well as to ensure the service life of the tool and the intensity abandon. Metal materials are all made of very good quality synthetic material, have certain elasticity, good toughness, the door when it can be better saving power works, also won't stay up mark like metal become warped in the car
Species is very complete, including remove the door plank and interior become warped plate, all kinds of sound keys, and so on, has certain elasticity, smooth and maximum protection of car parts complete disassembly
You can refit car audio in best times through using this product.
And the plastic construction of No-Scratch removel tool can avoid causing any damnification to your vehicle.
Incidental tool kit suitable for different vehicles.
This removal installation tool can prevent your car from scratching and damaging.
It is easy to carry and convenient to use, just put in your car.

Package Included:
1 Set Car Panel Removal Tool set (4 PCS /Set)

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