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Clone Remote Control Copy Controller 315MHZ Car Anti-theft Lock Key

Clone Remote Control Copy Controller 315MHZ Car Anti-theft Lock Key

Working voltage DC12V
Working current 10mA 12V
Radiated power 10mw 12V
Transmission frequency 315MHZ
Transmission distance: 120-150M (empty ground, receiving device sensitivity is negative 100dbm)
Encoder type: fixed code. learning code. partial rolling code
Function: Copy remote control / test remote control / copy remote control
Application range:
The remote control is widely used, mainly for remote control electric retractable doors, elevators, remote control gate brakes, remote control shutter doors, garage doors, sliding doors, remote control LED lights, remote fireworks igniters, remote control passenger doors, burglar alarms, electric door alarms, motorcycle burglar alarm, etc

Test chip: for 2260 (all manufacturers), 2262 (all manufacturers), PT2264, 5326 (all manufacturers), SC5262, HT600, HT680, HT6207, HT6010, HT6012, HT6014, SMC908 series, 527 (all manufacturers), 1527 ( All manufacturers), 2240 (all manufacturers HCS101/HCS200/HCS201/HCS300/HCS301 (partial code), 5026, 5326, 5326-3, 5326-4, 7, PT2240, HT12E, HT640, PLC168, SMC series 9XX, PT2292, 12L-4SC, HT6026, UM3750AM part of the one-chip computer, etc.
One-to-one key copy, each key password is saved separately, and can be used repeatedly for one million times. Strong privacy, especially suitable for copying your own remote control at home.
1. Before copying, clear the test code copied during factory production by pressing and holding the two buttons on the front of the remote control (usually the lock and unlock buttons). The LED will flash and then release after about three seconds. Press any button separately, short press the LED light does not light up, long press the LED light flashes three times to indicate that the internal code has been cleared.

2, press and hold the sub-machine to the copy of the key does not let go, the user's sub-machine corresponding to the key is not loose and close to the receiving antenna, you can also adjust the angle of the two remote control to achieve a good copy effect, about three After the second LED flashes three times and then flashes quickly, you can let go. Press this button again, the LED will light, indicating that the learning copy is successful. The same operation completes the copy of other keys.

3, fixed frequency: 315MHz frequency.
Adjustable frequency, the frequency of the machine is generally adjusted around 315MHZ. If the remote control of the guest is this frequency, you can try it directly after the copy is completed. If the remote control of the guest is not this frequency, please adjust it to the receiver with no sense. After the receiver resp

Package included :
Clone Remote 315MHZ
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