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Original Yuange LED Light TV Backlight Tester Output 300V

Original Yuange LED Light TV Backlight Tester Output 300V

Automatic detection of voltage and current. Can test the size of the LED backlight and light beads. High brightness, no need to remove the screen can judge the quality of the backlight.

Intelligent voltage and current regulation. No burning lamp, no electric shock, reverse protection.
High brightness, accurate assessment.
The input and output voltage width is barrier free. Double insulation. High and low pressure can be activated.
Multiple light sources can be tested: test all LED strip lights, COB board lights, light bead sources.
No need to remove the screen: test the backlight LED TV and the backlight LED size without separating the screen.
Voltage test: test the voltage parameters of various components, such as the stabilized voltage value of the voltage regulator and withstand the electrolyte voltage value.
Test circuit: turn-on and leak test circuit.

Material                 : Plastic
Color         : White
Power         : 12W
Input Voltage         : 85-245V
Output Voltage : 0-300V Item
size                 : 98 * 60 * 32mm / 3.9 * 2.4 * 1.3in
Package Size         : 110 * 65 * 40mm / 4.3 * 2.6 * 1.6in
Package Weight : 200g / 7.1oz

Packing List:
Yuange LED Light TV Backlight Tester Output 300V
1 * LED Tester
1 * Power Cord
2 * Test Pen with Line high quality
1 * User Manual

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